Since 1963

From 1963In 1963 Benito Broggin, enthralled by the fashion world, decided to follow his passion about clothing and started his business adventure in the shirt production by taking over the ACIS factory, an existing off-the-shelf firm founded in Padua back in 1949. During the first years, the company adapted to the market demands; but soon after, inspired by other important entrepreneurs in the same sector, it made a remarkable quality leap and started to work with some of the most famous brands at national and international level (? YSL, Ferré, Missoni, Francesco Smalto, Borsalino, Verri, Byblos, Lorenzo Riva, Antonio Fusco ?).
This choice has since then assured high quality and attention to detail, meeting the taste and the needs of both the Italian and foreign clients.
Step by step, all details related to shirt manufacturing have been improved, starting from off –the-shelf production and down to all procedures involved in shirt making, combining the workers’ artisanal skills with the cutting-edge technologies of the latest sewing machines. The final product is a shirt infusing all the comfort and originality of the Made in Italy.
Over the years, Mr Broggin’s sons have been joining in, and the family keeps running the business providing a high level and extremely reliable cooperation thanks to its  50-years experience.